Alemán Stores was established in 1972 and started as a small business dedicated to the marketing of products and decorative gifts. With the pass of the years, and due to the necessity of adaptation to a changeable market environment, Alemán revised its marketing activities to focus on the commercialization of specialised hardware, DIY, construction and home decoration top products.

Years later, the business became a limited company, while a second firm called Blaker, which activities focused on the exclusive distribution of top brands in the Canary Islands, emerged. In 2009, the company Alemán Alianza Blaker SL was established, as a product of the merging of the two previous ones. The company was set with the objectives of unifying departments, eliminating duplication and capitalising on the synergies produced by Alemán Stores and Blaker.

Today, with more than 40 years of experience and besides the ranges of products already mentioned, the company commercialises painting and gardening products, as well as kitchen and storage systems. Alemán Alianza Blaker is a world distributor of renowned brands, such as Black & Decker, Stanley, Dewalt, Akzo Nobel, Bruguer, Pentrilo, Henkel, Inofix, Beta, HG, Honda and Mecalux Esmena. Furthermore, thanks to many years of experience, Alemán Alianza Blaker has developed its own brands, such as Vadem, MasterTool, Melissa, Xtracell, Aldes, Manty, Paldecor and Sally, among others.